How to recognize what is ahead of you? Gulab Jamun or Black Jamun


Kala Jamun: Today we have brought such interesting information for you, knowing which you will be shocked. Today we are talking about Gulab Jamun, there is such an item in Gulab Jamun which makes everyone happy after eating it. Many people serve Gulab Jamun with food, which also tastes good. But do you know that along with Gulab Jamun, there is another dish which is similar to it.

It is called black jamun, many people do not know the difference between gulab jamun and black jamun, so let us tell you how you recognize black jamun. Actually, along with the name, there is a difference in its preparation also. Gulab Jamun is dipped in syrup but the black Jamun is served dry.

The temperature of Kala Jamun is cool. The syrup of black jamun is thick whereas if we talk about gulab jamun then the syrup of gulab jamun is not that thick. Also, Kala Jamun is slightly more expensive than Gulab Jamun.

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