How to invest in share market?


How to invest in share market?                                                                                                                                        Share or stock market is a place where you can invest your money and earn a good amount of money. This market completely depends on the economy of the country, global signals, currency and policies of RBI etc. In the stock market, there are shares in the names of different companies. New investors have to face initial difficulties while investing in it. But when the same investor starts to understand the stock market well, then he becomes an experienced player.

Share Market

There are many sectors in the stock market:-

There are different types of sectors in the stock market. Oil, Real Estate, Banking, Consumer Goods, Metal, Steel, Power, Communication are some of the sectors where an investor can invest as per his/her choice. If an investor wants to choose his preferred company, then first of all he has to know about the company. Along with the balance seat, the investor should also get information about the turnover of that company.

Choose your best sector:-

As we have seen above that there are many sectors in front of investors where they invest. It is a difficult task for anyone to tell which will be the best sector among these sectors which can give better returns to the investors in the short and long term. This task becomes more difficult when the economy of the country is not right and the world is going through an economic crisis. In such a situation, experts advise to choose mid cap stocks because in such situations large cap stocks tend to dive a lot.

how to invest

The first question before the person investing would be that how to invest? First of all, decide when you need whatever investment you are looking to invest because this allows you to choose long and short term stocks. You should know thoroughly about the company in which you will take shares to invest. For this you can take help of consultants. It is not necessary that you invest in only one company. You can also invest in more than one company.

What is insurance

Demat account is necessary

You must have a demat account for investment, for this you will have to approach any bank or share brokerage companies like Share Khan, Reliance Money and India Infoline. Until recently, there was physical trading of shares. In this, shares were transferred directly. But now it is not so. Now their buying and selling is done through the demat account of any bank or financial institution. You can buy and sell shares yourself or any stock broking company in your place.

investment period

Investors can adopt two types of methods for investing. Long term and short term investment. Investors can keep the shares bought in the short term for 3-6 months. Whereas shares purchased in the long term can be kept with you for more than 6 months. Ordinary investors are advised that long term investments are best as day trading and short term investments are more risky.

Nowadays trading of shares is done electronically. This process is done through the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. Apart from the exchange, investors can also take the help of brokerage houses like Share of any bank.

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