how to grow your business

How to grow your Business

Since the Great Depression due to the Corona epidemic, all types of business have fluctuated a lot. Even today the markets are not fully functioning due to the lockdown being in place for two years. The way the customer used to come in the market before the lockdown, now almost half of the customer is coming in the market. The businessman is still troubled by the loss in business due to the lockdown. Apart from this, those starting a new business troubled by unemployment and low-paid jobs are not getting the expected profits. Most of the traders want to grow their business so that their income can increase.

Do’s and Don’ts to grow business
In order to increase the business, what measures should the businessmen take so that their business can grow rapidly. Experts are of the opinion that business is run by the customer. Therefore, in order to increase the business, the businessman should focus on his customers. The business man should do all those things which bring the customers to his organization. Apart from this, such efforts should be made that the customer who came once should visit the institute again and again. Along with this, bring your acquaintances, relatives and best-friends to your institution as customers. For this the business man has to take some special measures.

What should I do to grow my business?
To increase the business, the special measures that a business man should take, the main ones are as follows:-

  1. online business with offline business
  2. Provide maximum facilities to customers
  3. Sell ​​genuine and pure merchandise
  4. Do not manipulate the price of goods in any way
  5. Profit to the customer if there is room for profit
  6. Dealing well with customers
  7. Company’s guarantee – cooperate with the customer in the warranty, do not exceed
  8. Entertain customers very well
  9. win customers’ trust
  10. Make your business policy transparent
  11. Hire Skilled Associates to Deal with Customers
  12. Organize social and religious events
  13. Run offers and attractive schemes for customers by reducing other expenses of the institute
  14. Offer customers special discounts or gifts during the festive season
  15. 1. Do Business Online with Offline Business
    If your offline business is not doing well, then you should also start the online business of today’s era. You should make a good world class website. Promote your business fiercely on various free platforms of social media. Do low cost promotions on local labels for offline business. You should not promote on the lines of promotion of big establishment institutions.

2. Give more and more facilities to customers for their business
Customer is the lifeblood of any business. The customer is also called the king. That’s why a business man should first take care of his customers in every way if he wants to grow his business. The customer can be made his own by giving maximum facilities mentally, physically. The more you keep the customer happy and satisfied, the customer will come to you himself and will also bring his acquaintances, relatives to you as customers.

3. Sell genuine and pure goods
You have to take utmost care of the reputation of your institution. Most of the small shopkeepers in the market want to earn more profit by keeping more profitable goods, they do not see the interest of the customer. Such shopkeepers make their profit by buying different local goods from the agents coming to the market but play tricks with the customer. These local companies sometimes reduce the weight of the goods and sometimes increase the price frequently. This makes the customer irritable. Once upon a time, he buys goods from you, but after being alerted by these tricks of yours, he searches for another shop. On the other hand, the customers of the branded and fixed rate institution keep visiting regularly.

That’s why you should not sell fake, duplicate, low quality goods in your organization in the greed of more profit, this will bring only those customers who want to buy cheap goods but such customers will soon move to another place. You have to run the business permanently and not once. You should not try to bite your customer in one go, but try to keep the customer coming to you regularly. You will get the benefit of this for a long time.

4. Do not manipulate the rate of goods in any way
Today’s era is very competitive and the customer is very smart and alert. The rate of branded goods should not be manipulated in the market, nor should the goods be sold at the rate fixed by the company instead of the print rate. Any change in the rate on behalf of the company should be informed to the customer in advance. This creates a good image of you in the mind of the customer.

5. Profit to the customer if there is scope for profit
If you want to grow your business, then you have to take special care of the customer. If there is some scope in your own share of profit, then by giving it to the customer, the customer will become your own. Even the slightest profit will keep the customer attracted towards you. He will come himself and will also bring his acquaintances. In order to benefit your customers, inform you about the latest schemes running in the market and also tell its benefits.

6. Deal with customers very well
The customer is given the title of king and deity because the customer is the only source of business. So the customer should be treated very well. Even if the customer gets angry with you about anything once, then he should be persuaded and even if he does not agree, he should not argue or argue with him.

7. Support the customer in the company’s guarantee-warranty, do not exceed
It is seen that a customer buys a guaranteed-warranty thing and if that thing gets spoiled in the time given by the company, then that poor customer comes to his shopkeeper only. At that time the behavior of the shopkeeper is seen to have changed and he gets away from him seeing his problem, not the interest of his customer. Asks him to go to the customer care center of the company. At that point the customer’s heart breaks. Businessman should care about the interests of his customer, he should help the customer. Instead of pointing out the way to the customer care of the company, the agent of that company should be assured of help or some other way should be found so that the customer understands that the organization is ready to help him.

When a new or old customer comes to your organization, give them a warm welcome. Listen carefully to everything he says. If the customer has a favorite item, show it and ask about other items of need. If he doesn’t have the stuff he likes, talk to him about the next item by apologizing with a smile. Apart from this, if some of the items from the customer’s list are not in your institution, then help them by ordering them from your neighboring institution. This will bring the customer to you.

9. Win the trust of customers
Winning the trust of customers is the most important thing in running a business. You give the goods according to the market, there should be no shortage in the quality of the goods. Once the rate of goods is less than a rupee less than the market rate, then it is okay otherwise keep the market rate only. Apart from this, take full care of the expiry date of the goods. Try to give original goods only, if not, then do not try to give substitute goods instead. This will give full confidence to the customer in you. Such a customer will take goods from your own shop, will go back when it is closed but will not take goods from another shop.

10. Make your business policy transparent
The cleaner your business is, the more satisfied the customer will be with you. You should make your business policy completely transparent. That is, your customer should know every single thing of your business policy in advance. This will give an impression in the mind of the customer towards you that there is no disturbance in your organization. There is no favoritism with any customer. At the same time, there is a belief that whoever comes, whether elderly, woman or child. Everyone will be treated equally and there will be same kind of business.

11. Hire Skilled Colleagues To Deal With Customers
For good dealing with the customers, such efficient associates should be appointed in the institute who satisfy the customer in every way and work to connect the customers with the institution. Skilled associates increase closeness with customers with their eloquence. Whether to bring back old memories, or praise the customer, or take special care of the customer’s choice. In this way the client feels that the institution maintains a very close relationship with him. With this, he also keeps his close relationship with the institute and does not want to leave the institute. The institute gets the benefit of this.

12. Organize social, religious events
Social and religious events should be hosted in their area to attract their customers. If you organize such programs in your residence, institute or your area, then keep in mind that it should be a day around a holiday or festival. All your major customers should be invited to this event. This is what happened offline.

Apart from this, many programs like online seminars, seminars, should also be done on social media platforms from time to time. Through these programs, you increase your closeness with your customers. Also take feedback about their likes and dislikes and when doing business with them, take care of this feedback, then the customer will be very happy with your effort.

13. Give special offers and schemes to customers by reducing the expenses of the institute
You can only attract customers by giving them a small portion of your share of profits. Along with this, if you save by cutting some expenses of the institute and from time to time give some special offers or schemes to your customers out of the market from that savings, then the customer will be attracted towards you.

Comic Pop Art text SPECIAL OFFER, explosion of speech bubble message
14. Offer customers special discounts or gifts during the festive season
Businessmen should prepare before the arrival of festivals. Give small gifts or special festive discounts to delight customers during festivals. But keep in mind that your rates should not be different from the market rates. Otherwise, your customers will think that you have included the price of the discount and gift you are giving to take advantage of their goods. This way the customer can express distrust towards you. The institute has to bear the heavy brunt of this.

15. Special Tips for Online Business
If you add online business to business, then you have to take full care of your creditworthiness and the interest of the customer. The goods which have been ordered by the customer, the same goods should reach the customer safely at the time specified by you. Your packing should be attractive. Delivery should be on time.

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