How to clean the straw present in the broom – instead of cleaning it creates 3 times the dirt


Broom is present in every house. Actually, broom is such a thing, which is present in every house. If you live in your house and are fond of cleaning, then whenever you sweep, you must have noticed that after some time, the broom starts leaving chaff. Is. Broom is such a thing in our house that once you buy it, you do not need to buy it throughout the year.

Instead of cleaning, this straw starts creating more dirt, so today we will tell you how you can get rid of the straw. First of all you have to take your broom and tie a light thread to it and take it to the roof. As soon as you take it to the roof, you have to sit on one side and beat the broom. As soon as you start beating this broom, If you do this, all the sand will come out and the chaff will also come out.

If you have a comb at home as well as a washing brush in the bathroom, then you can clean your broom with the help of both. You have to hold your broom from above and then move it from top to bottom with the help of this comb or brush. As you repeat this process several times, all the sand present in the broom will come out.

If you cannot follow the method mentioned above, then we have brought a third method for you. You have to take water in a bucket and put your broom in that bucket, after three-four hours you have to take out your broom. As soon as you take out your broom, you have to put it in the sun to dry. Let us tell you that the cleaning of the broom will be such that when you put the broom in water, all the chaff will come out.

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