How many seats and total coaches will there be inside the bullet train?


Total Bullet Train seats and coaches: Today we are going to tell you about such a great project for which people have been waiting eagerly for a long time, yes today we are going to talk about the Bullet Train project, Regarding Bullet Train, it is being told that its first route will be prepared from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. As soon as this information came to light, people now have a desire to know how many people will this train carry and how many coaches will it have?

So today we will tell you how many coaches there will be inside this train and how many people it has the seating capacity. To complete this work, India has joined hands with Japan, two Japanese companies Kawasaki and Hitachi are jointly manufacturing the bullet train. Now let us tell you that this bullet train will have 10 coaches and will carry at least 690 people. The system of going in one go will be started.

The announcement of running this train was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself in 2017. Let us tell you that the speed of this train will be 320 kilometers per hour. Along with this it will also cover a distance of 508 kilometers.

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