Highway- Why is only oleander plant planted on the roadside?


Oleander Plant When you travel on the road, you must have often seen the Oleander plant. After all, what is the reason for planting it on the divider. Today we will tell you why you should plant Oleander plants. First of all, Oleander plants are very beautiful and attractive. Due to their colorful flowers, the roads get a different kind of beauty, as well as a pleasant view to the passersby.

Oleander plants are highly tolerant and do not spoil quickly. These plants survive easily in different types of climate and soil. These plants are very useful even with less water and care. Their maintenance cost is also very low. Oleander plants are able to tolerate pollution. They can tolerate dust, smoke and other harmful pollutants and help in keeping the environment clean. It helps in reducing pollution on the roads.

Oleander plants reduce noise pollution. Due to their dense large leaves, road noise can be reduced, giving relief to nearby residents from noise pollution. Lastly, Oleander plants also help in increasing the safety of roads. They act as a natural barrier on the divider, making the drivers stay in the right lane, reducing the chances of accidents. For all these reasons, Oleander plants are planted on dividers and get a lot of benefits.

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Atul Kumar Gupta
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