Have you ever wondered why airplane windows are small and round?


You must have seen many times that when people make videos inside an aeroplane, its window is many times smaller than the window of a bus. Today we will tell you why the window inside the airplane is so small? First of all, the window inside the airplane is cut round. Airplanes are flown above 10,000 feet and cabin responsiveness and temperature changes also increase significantly.

Let us tell you that small windows are more capable of withstanding less pressure. In comparison, the cabin window is made bigger, this answer has been given by the aviation expert. According to aviation experts, the structure of the airplane is made in such a way that small things do not affect the flight much. And even if the windows and doors are kept small, there is not much problem. The window of an airplane is connected from front to back of the airplane.

If the window is installed separately then it will cause problem in flying and the speed of the airplane will also reduce, hence the window of the airplane is kept connected to the cabin windows. Now let us tell you why airplane windows are made round, in fact, if airplane windows are not made round, then there are chances of an accident, because the pressure in the airplane shifts regularly and in the same way many airplanes collapse. Since 1940, window glass was made round to avoid accidents. Due to this the number of accidents became negligible.

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