Have you ever wondered why a car has only four wheels?


Let us tell you that this is a common question but if you think why there are only four wheels in a car then you will not know. Today we will tell you why only four wheels are given in a car? Actually this trend started with bullock cart, and if we talk about chariots along with bullock carts, then they also had only four wheels. Today you can see four wheels in a car as well.

The advantage of these vehicles is that if there are 3 or 5 wheels, then the problem of traction will remain in this vehicle, actually when you have a vehicle which has two or three wheels, then it has more traction due to which the vehicle does not slip, but if the traction is less, then the vehicle can slip. In a four-wheeler, the chances of slipping are very less and the balance of the vehicle is also maintained, due to this four wheels are fitted in the vehicle, as well as due to its big size the vehicle does not run out of the road.

The main reason for having four tires in a car is that it benefits the stability and balance of the car. Four tires give the car better balance on the road, which makes the car run safely even at high speeds. Apart from this, 4 tires distribute the weight of the car evenly, which increases the life of the tires and reduces fuel consumption. This design also helps in turning and braking the car, making the journey more comfortable and safe.

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