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Google Adsense Account Approval- It is a CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impressions) based advertising network. The new blogger has a dream that their Adsense account is approved as soon as possible, but many are not able to. Adsense is considered better than the rest of the advertising program, because it pays more than all the others. Many bloggers start their blogging career with the desire that if their account is approved in Adsense, then they will take a lot less from them. But it is not as easy as it looks.

Those who are not being approved, they are not following some rules. After you know the Blogger Adsense approval trick, you will also find it easy. When I had tried for Adsense for the first time, I also failed. After trying many times, I understood where my mistake was going. If you follow all these AdSense approval tricks, then you will be successful in the first attempt.

Adsense account is not for everyone. If you have a blog or website, then you can apply for AdSense.
1. Write High-Quality Contents
Content is the King – Content is the king. Content means the article or post you write is called it. So what is this high-quality content? If your content is new, different from others and has not been copied from anywhere, then it is called quality content.

Those who are new bloggers, they think that by copying from others, we will create our new content. But Google is not that stupid. He checks every page indexed in Google, so you can’t fool him easily. If you believe that you will get Adsense account approved by copying, then forget dreaming.
Your every post should be at least 500 words and also 100% original. This increases your chances of approval by 90%. The more you describe your article, the better it is for your blog.

2. Blog Domain Age
According to Google’s guideline, some restriction has been done regarding Adsense in some Asian countries. Accordingly, you cannot apply for Adsense before 6 months. If you apply then there is a lot of chance of your application being rejected. But I got Google Adsense approval in just 1 month in one of my blogs. But all my content in that blog was of high quality. If all your content is very good and is brand new then you can also try. And do you know whether your approval should also be done.

3. Sufficient Contents or Posts
It is not written anywhere that so many posts are needed for your blog, for you to apply for Adsense. But it is important to have sufficient post in your blog. If you write a post of 300 words, then it is good to write at least 40-50 words, and if all your contents are of 500-700 words, then even if you write 20 posts, it will work.
The more words you write, the more your chances of approval increase. So always pay attention to your contents.

4. Don’t Write Illegal Content
If your blog or website is related to adult content, gambling, hacking, casino or drug abuse content, then you must forget about Adsense. Google does not like all these contents. If your blog has some of these most related contents, then you can remove them and apply.

5. Do not put copyright materials
If you get any text, image, video or any such thing from the Internet, then you cannot use it directly in your blog. Because it’s not yours. If you give credit to them then it is a different matter. You cannot even modify any content. If you have his permission or have made that thing on your own, then there is no issue in that. Click here for complete information about Copyrighted Material.

6. Other Ad Networks
There are many advertising networks like Adsense. If you already have any other ad network ads in your blog, then remove them before applying. In this your chances of approval increase. Because Adsense does not support some advertising networks, if you are also one of them then your application may also be rejected.

7. User Friendly Design
The design of your blog should be user-friendly. This means that it is important to be mobile-friendly and along with it there should be navigation, through which any visitor can easily read your blog and go to whichever page they want. Do not put unnecessary widgets, images. This makes a difference in your design and along with that the loading speed of your site also increases, which is not good for you.

8. Please enter all these pages
Please enter pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer in your blog. There are some such blogs, which, despite not having all this, remain Adsense approved, but it is a matter of luck. If you add all these pages to your blog then your chances will increase even more.

It has also been seen that Adsense approves some blogs because they contain all these pages. All these pages are necessary for a blog. By which your visitors get information about your blog or website.

9. Language Support
It is not that you have created a blog of any language and Adsense will approve it. Adsense supports only a few languages ​​and Hindi is also one of them. Click here to know the full language list.

10. Do not put too many images
If you fill your blog with images and apply for Adsense, then your application will be rejected. Why Google can’t read an image. Google can simply read the text. It is important to have maximum text in your blog.

If you are using image then it is a good thing but do not forget to put ALT tag in all the images. The text you write in the ALT tag, Google knows by reading it, and it considers your image as text.

11. Don’t Buy Visitor
Google likes real visitors, who come from search results or from social networking sites. You can also buy visitors for the traffic of your blog, but for that you have to forget Adsense. Because Adsense does not like paid traffic. Even if your account is approved, then it will not take much time for you to lose it.

If 50 visitors come to your blog every day, then this is enough to apply Adsense. You do not need to worry about the visitor. Because Adsense sees the quality of your site, visitors do not.

12. Top Level Domain (TLD) & Email
Always buy a top level domain only. I have already told that how to choose domain kaise kharide and a best domain name. If you are doing it for free domain or sub-domain then your Adsense will not be approved. For Adsense, you can also do the email address of your blog, like With this, Google considers you the owner of your blog or website and the chance of your approval increases. Must Read: How To Select The Best Domain Name For Blog.

13. Use Question Hub
All the questions that come in Google Question Hub are new. You will not find such keywords in any other website. If you write articles on the same questions, then your chances of getting Adsense Approval increase.

Google always gives more importance to new and fresh articles. If you write an article on the questions asked 1-2 days ago, then no one would have written it. All you have to do is write in the details.

If you want your account to be approved quickly, then take care of some batons.

1) For a new blog, always write a new post on the new and latest topic. 15-20 posts of 1000 words are enough to apply Adsense.

2) Do not forget to enter About, Contact, Disclaimer or Terms & Conditions page.

3) Do not worry for the visitor. You can apply to any number of visitors, just the quality of your posts should be good.

4) After applying for Adsense, do not leave your blog like this. Keep posting something everyday, but do not copy from others.

5) Do it only with a mobile-friendly design.

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