Good news! Purchase an Electric Scooter today and receive a bumper discount of ₹10,000.

Good news! Purchase an Electric Scooter today and receive a bumper discount of ₹10,000.

OOMi Electric Scooter Discount: With growing fuel and diesel prices, everyone is intending to acquire an electric car. Similarly, if you want to buy a TV scooter this month, you now have a fantastic opportunity. Actually, the iVOOMi firm is providing significant discounts on its extensive line of EV scooters.

  • Let us inform you that iVOOMi is offering a Rs 10,000 discount on its JeetX EV scooter and Rs 5,000 on the S1 and S1 2.0. The best part is that you can take advantage of this cheap deal until March 31, 2024. Aside from that, iVOOMi’s JeetX and S1 models enter the EV scooter market with high comfort and quality. Let us tell you what deals are available on these EV scooters.
  • If a buyer purchases the iVOOMi JeetX EV scooter, he would receive a Rs 10,000 discount. After the discount, you can get it for Rs 89,999 (ex-showroom). This features a powerful motor and a sleek design. Its max speed is estimated to be 65 km/h. This electric scooter is available in five premium matte finish colors. This scooter is available in five quality matte finish colors.

    This much discount on the iVOOMi S1.

  • If someone buys an iVOOMi S1 electric scooter, the company would give them a Rs 5,000 discount. After the reduction, this EV scooter costs Rs 79,999. Once completely charged, this EV scooter has a range of 120 kilometers. Its top speed is estimated to be 57 kilometres per hour.

Discount for iVOOMi S1 2.0

  • iVOOMi’s S1 2.0 EV scooter is priced at Rs 82,999 (ex-showroom) after incentives. This electric scooter has a range of 110 kilometers on a single charge. The S1 2.0 electric scooter is one of the most cheap in the country. The manufacturer provides it in six stylish colors.
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