Gold Nano Particles: Now gold will be made from mushrooms! Scientists discovered this wonderful solution….

Gold Nano Particles: Now gold will be made from mushrooms! Scientists discovered this wonderful solution….

Gold From Mushrooms: Making gold from mushrooms can surprise you a lot. However, this claim has been made by researchers from Goa. According to him, he can make gold nano particles from mushrooms and he has also shown it by doing so. Actually, scientists of Goa have prepared gold nano particles from wild mushrooms.

Let us tell you that some people eat mushroom with great interest while some people do not like it at all. But now the scientists of Goa are going to prepare gold from mushrooms. The wild mushrooms found in Goa are of Termito myces species. Due to which scientists have prepared gold nano particles. Local people of Goa know this mushroom as Ron Olmi. Which grow on termite hills.

According to the research published in the Journal of Geomicrobiology published by Francis and Taylor, Dr. Sujata Dabolkar and Dr. Nand Kumar Kamat conducted this experiment. During this time, his team did research on this species of mushroom for about 3 years and in the research, scientists have also prepared nano particles of gold. He has presented this innovation before the government.

You will get this benefit from making gold from mushrooms

According to scientists, gold made from mushrooms will help in improving the economic condition of Goa. According to a research, Goa’s natural resources can be used according to new technology. For some time now, the demand for nano particles has also increased significantly in the market. Because nano gold particles are used in medical science, bio medical and biotechnology science. Its use will bring significant changes in medical imaging, electronic manufacturing and drug delivery.

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