Get rid of the problem of power cut, run AC, fridge and cooler with DAEWOO Inverter.


DAEWOO Inverter has now launched a new power solution. This is an inbuilt battery fitted inverter which has been brought especially for you. You do not need to buy any separate battery in it. Also, this inverter has been prepared with a completely maintenance free lithium inverter. The company says that this is such a powerful inverter that with its help you will be able to run large electronic products like AC, cooler and fridge in your entire house.

Here we are telling you about the power inverter which gives you the facility to charge from solar panel, if overloaded it will cause short circuit. You will get this facility when there is excess electricity. If we talk about these power batteries, then let us tell you that their lifespan is kept up to 15 years.

Now let's talk about the price, here you will get 0.5 kW ampere inverter for only Rs 31,274. Whereas you will get the 1.0 KVA model for only Rs 50,229, here you will be given the 2.0 KVA model inverter for only Rs 74,871. You will get 3.0 KVA model inverter for Rs 1,51,639, after this you will get 5.0 KVA model inverter for Rs 2,89,480 and 10 KVA model inverter will be given to you for Rs 5,23,938.

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