Fresh water river is present in India


Desk: There are many such amazing facts in the country and the world which we do not know, if we come to know them then our mind gets confused. Let us tell you that there are about 1.5 lakh rivers present in this entire world and out of 1.5 lakh rivers, 200 rivers are present in India only. These rivers are quite famous but there are some rivers whose water is very sweet.

Today we will tell you which is the river whose water is sweet in taste. Let us tell you that this river is not present anywhere else in the world but in India. This river is present in the Karnataka state of India which is 147 kilometers long. The name of this river is Tungabhadra River. You will get a different feeling by drinking the water of this river and at the same time you will also feel good by drinking the water of this river.

The Tungabhadra River, one of the Indian great rivers, flows through the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It originates from the Nandi Hills and is a major tributary of the Krishna River. The Tungabhadra River starts its journey towards the south-east by flowing through Anandpur district from the north-west. There are many ancient and historical sites along the banks of Tungabhadra River, which are also famous for tourism.

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