Found out that most of the people who follow this religion go to Lotus Temple.


Desk: Lotus Temple was established in December 1986. It is known for its lotus-like shape. At present it is a major attraction center of Delhi city. This Lotus Temple of Delhi is open to all, people of any religion or any ability come here. Its flower-like walls are made of marble “petals”. Its height is 34 meters. About 1,300 people can come in it.

This temple is neither a temple of Hinduism, Buddhism, nor Jainism, nor of Jews or Christians. Rather it is a temple of Bahai religion. It cost Rs 10 million to prepare it. Let us tell you again that Lotus Temple located in New Delhi is a house of followers of Bahai community. There are only 7 Bahai temples in the world and Lotus Temple is one of them. Independent religions originated in Persia (Iran).

The Baha'i religion is the youngest religion in the world. Year 1844. Geographically it is the second largest place in the world, you will be surprised that this religion was widely spread with about 6 million believers and people of almost every culture and race had joined it around the world.

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