Female Loco Pilot in Indian Railways feels ashamed every day due to this reason


Indian Railway: At present, many young men and women are trying to get jobs in Railways in the country. There are some intelligent candidates who have been able to make their place in Indian Railways at present. The job of loco-pilot in Railways is considered a special job, and the life of the person who gets this job is considered to be set.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the problems faced in this job, which are especially faced by women loco pilots. Actually this problem has been there for a long time which no one is addressing till now but we want to draw your attention because this is a country wide problem which women loco pilots are facing. In fact, this thing is so shameful that women feel unsafe in telling it.

Let us tell you that whenever women have to go to the washroom, they have to take permission from the male loco-pilot. Then the male loco-pilot tells this to the station master and then through the station master this information goes to other officers of the range. It is shameful in itself for a man to know that a female loco pilot has gone to the washroom.

Most of such incidents are seen at small stations, when the woman loco pilot comes out, the railway officials standing there look at her differently, which makes the woman loco pilot very uncomfortable.

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