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Essay on Electric Vehicles in India

Hello friends, in this post “Essay on Electric Vehicles in India | Electric Vehicle Essay in Hindi”,(Electric Vehicles Essay) We will read in detail about Electric Vehicles in the form of an essay.
As the world today is evolving to use new technology everywhere on a daily basis, electric vehicles should be the means of transportation of the future. Some of the reasons for promoting electric vehicles are pollution, increasing demand for fuel, global warming and promotion of eco-friendly means of transport.
An electric vehicle is a vehicle that has electric engines and requires batteries and electricity, this is very important as it does not require any renewable energy source and is available in solar, hydro, biomass, thermal and wind can generate electricity from.
In view of rising pollution levels and global warming, it is imperative to switch to conventional energy sources. We have made maximum use of oil. Mother Earth was constantly being exploited. Now is the time to change the oil addiction.

Oil pollution is a major cause of exposure to toxic gases that are toxic to the flora and fauna of the environment. The emission of harmful gases in the environment can be prevented by using non-conventional energy sources like electricity in our vehicle.

According to experts, India is likely to be fully electric by 2030, which will require development of infrastructure related to charging stations and service stations.

Charging electric vehicles only requires a plug-in charger and power supply. The use of more electric vehicles will reduce our dependence on other countries for fuel, which will directly boost our economy.

What is electric vehicle:

Electric vehicles are a mode of transport that uses conventional fuels such as petrol, diesel and CNG as an alternative energy fuel. These vehicles can be powered by off-vehicle sources or a collector system that converts fuel into electricity using batteries, solar panels, fuel cells or an electric generator. Electric bikes, electric cars and electric rickshaws are some examples of electric vehicles. Most trains around the world, including the metro, already run on electricity.

Need of Electric Vehicles:

The following factors create an urgent need for the use of electric vehicles:-

  1. No gas required and no pollution
  2. Simple and easy driving experience
  3. To reduce the import of petrol and diesel
  4. To promote the use of renewable energy to reduce global warming.
  5. Low maintenance and money saving
  6. No petrol or gas required and no pollution
  7. In fuel based vehicles, we spend a lot of money on petrol or diesel, but with electric vehicles these costs can be avoided.

In a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle, burning fuel inside the engine generates electricity, which emits many harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, run entirely on electric batteries, which convert electricity to the wheels. Hence, they cause zero pollution.

Simple and easy driving experience :

Petrol or diesel vehicles have dozens of rotating parts inside the engine. To generate electricity, they must be constantly moving and heating each other. It makes a lot of noise and vibration. An electric vehicle does not have many moving parts. The only moving part is the electric motor to rotate the wheel. It provides a noiseless and vibration-free driving experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles



they are eco friendly
Limited range and long recharge time
Maintenance is less frequent and less expensive
Recharging may take some time
Provides smoothest driving
Charging station availability is unstable have fewer options
they are so cool
Electric vehicles are more expensive
you will get tax credit
Battery replacement cost too high


Advantages of electric cars :

Are Eco-Friendly :

For many motorists, the knowledge that electric vehicles are good for the environment is a good reason to invest. EVs also do not have an exhaust system, which means their emissions are zero. Since gas-powered vehicles contribute significantly to greenhouse and gas build-up in Earth’s atmosphere, switching to an electric car could contribute to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Electricity is cheaper than petrol :

Americans pay an average of 15 cents per mile for gas-powered cars, which doesn’t really sound like a lot—unless you compare it to the fact that many EVs, especially Teslas, offer one-half of that cost. Let’s run on thirds, given that electricity is significantly less expensive than gasoline. And since you’ll most likely be charging your electric car in your garage most of the time, installing solar panels on your home can save you even more money on powering both your dwelling and your EV.

Maintenance is less and less expensive :

Since electric cars are electric, they do not run on oil, so no oil changes (or any other repairs related to combustion engines) are required. Another twist? The brakes on an EV don’t wear out as quickly as on a normal car, which means you can save more.

you will get tax credit If you’re a real owner of an electric vehicle, you can get a tax credit to help reduce your impact on the environment by driving a zero-emissions car. Depending on the manufacturer and model, that tax credit could be higher. In the case of EV tax credits, there’s an unexpected, fine print, so be sure to ask a tax expert if you have any questions.

High Quality Performance –

Because there is no exhaust system, electric cars are known to operate smoothly and quietly. Electric crossover and SUV models are much quieter than conventional gas engines, which leads to less noise pollution and a more comfortable ride. Electric motors also respond much faster than mechanical engines, providing greater torque and agility while driving.

Additionally, electric cars generally operate more efficiently and use less energy in city stop-and-go traffic.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars :-

Finding a charging station can be challenging

Even though you can charge an electric vehicle at home, finding a charging station can be a challenge if you’re driving through the countryside or on a long-distance road trip. As mentioned above, more areas are adopting EV charging stations and many hotel chains have started to incorporate EV chargers into their parking lots. This trend will continue as the demand for charging stations increases.

It may take some time to charge :-

Refueling a fuel tank takes no more than five minutes, while recharging an electric car takes less time, especially when the battery is completely depleted.

Depending on the type of car and the size of the battery, it can take more than 8 hours for the battery pack to be fully charged using a standard outlet. Even the fastest charging stations take 30 minutes to reach 80 percent capacity.

Driving Range is Limited :-

The driving range of an oil-powered car is much longer than that of an electric car, which can vary from 100 to 400 miles depending on the type of car.

This can be a problem if you are planning a long trip, but if your car is charged at night it is good for everyday trips.


Here’s the thing, electric cars have actually existed since 1832. In fact, they quickly became popular. By the early 1900s, manufacturers realized the high potential of the internal combustion engine and abandoned their ambitions in the field of electric cars. At that time the engine of IC was much better in terms of technology. However, now things are different.

Ignoring the issues of range and recharge time, it cannot be denied that electric cars are far superior to their petrol counterparts. As technology develops, the issues of range and recharge time will also disappear. Remember, the electronics industry is rapidly developing new technologies.

Touchscreen phones were considered very special a decade ago and are still used today by the owner of a roadside paan shop. Similarly, Tesla Motors is investing heavily in its Supercharger grid, allowing their cars to charge from zero to full in 75 minutes. That’s still plenty of time, but in just 8-10 years they’ve reduced the duration from 9 hours to 75 minutes.

Governments around the world are emphasizing on the production of green energy sources. It’s not too late for coal-fired power plants to become a thing of the past. So if we look at the comprehensive review and growth rate of technology in the field of electric mobility, we can definitely say that going electric will be a very effective solution in the near future until it gets even better.


Q . Why is an electric car so expensive ?

Ans.- The core price of an electric car or any other electric vehicle depends on the battery pack. most il

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