Do you know the name of the color you see when you close your eyes? Black is not the correct answer…

Do you know the name of the color you see when you close your eyes? Black is not the correct answer...

Color Name: When any person closes his eyes, there is darkness in front of his eyes. Most of the people consider this color as black. But it is not so because what we see when we close our eyes is not black colour. If you also do not know, then today we are going to tell you what color is visible when you close your eyes and what happens?

Let us tell you that what is visible when you close your eyes is not black color but phosphine. Phosphine color is visible to us when there is sudden darkness in front of our eyes. This is a type of optical illusion that occurs when light-sensitive cells in the retina are stimulated.

There are many other reasons for phosphine

When there is too much darkness in front of our eyes, the cells present in the retina of the eyes are able to see less light and thus we see phosphine.

in more light

Due to excessive exposure to light, the light-sensitive cells present in our retina become more excited, due to which we also see phosphine.

from head injury

Apart from this, if we get injured in our head then the cells of our retina can get affected due to which we see phosphine.

migraine medicines

Apart from this, if a person takes medicine for migraine then also the condition of phosphine occurs. Along with this, can you see different colors of phosphine when you close your eyes? Many people see phosphine in black color while others see it in other colors. Its effect lasts only for a few seconds and then it stops automatically. But if you are facing a lot of trouble in seeing phosphine then you should immediately contact the doctor.

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