Do all dish antennas in India have the same target face?


Desk: In today's era, it is difficult to imagine our life without entertainment. Many youth even today take the help of TV for entertainment. For information, let us tell you that all the channels that come on television come through a dish antenna. These dish antennas are seen on the rooftops of people's houses.

As soon as you see this antenna, a question might have come to your mind as to why they are prepared by bending them in an oblique direction. If they are not bent in an oblique direction, then there is a lot of difficulty in receiving the signal. In such a situation, the umbrella-shaped direction of the dish antenna is slightly bent, so let us know why it is bent.

Actually, this is an umbrella shaped antenna or something made in such a way that whenever a signal hits it, it does not bounce back but gets concentrated at one place. A receiver is installed where these signals are concentrated. This receiver is called feed horn. Feed horns prove to be very helpful in receiving the signal. If the feed horn does not receive the signal then no channel will appear on your TV screen. Many times, these dish antennas in front of you are not able to receive the signal due to bad weather.

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