Cricket Player Helmet: Do you know the price of players’ helmets? Know here

Cricket Player Helmet: Do you know the price of players' helmets? Know here

Cricket Player Helmet Price:- Cricket game is famous all over the world. India has many famous cricketers, batsmen and players who ruled the hearts of people with their bowling. But players playing cricket have to follow many special rules before entering the ground.

They also have to wear various types of dresses on their body for their safety, without dress no player can bat or bowl on the ground. Among them, you must have seen that the batsman who is batting always wears a helmet while batting. So, have you ever wondered what would be the cost of that helmet? If not, then let us know today.
ball speed up to 150km

Let us tell you that, when the bowler throws the ball on the pitch, the speed of that ball is about 150 kilometers per hour. In such a situation, if any butter falls on the skin or any body part, then it may become small and that game cannot be played further. That is why players are made to wear helmets for safety before entering the pitch.

How much does it cost?

In the year 1933, wearing helmet was made mandatory for safety reasons. But in the rules of playing cricket, wearing a helmet was made mandatory in 1980. As far as the price of the helmet is concerned, according to the information, the price of the helmet of the famous Indian batsman Virat Kohli is around ₹ 12000. The price of helmet varies from player to player, but initially people can buy the helmet at a price of ₹ 500.

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