Cooler water becomes dirty in 2 days


Summer season has arrived. In such a situation, many people are using coolers to escape the heat, but one problem with coolers is that their water gets dirty very quickly and in today's time, due to pollution, the water has started getting so bad that people are Have started falling ill. Due to spoiled water, other types of bacteria also take birth in it.

People at home fall sick due to these bacteria, so today we are going to tell you how you can keep your cooler clean. So let us know some ways by which you can keep the water in your cooler clean. To clean the cooler properly, first of all you have to remove all the pipes attached to it, after that leave a pipe below the pump and put that pipe in a bucket. Now this water will go into the bucket through the pipe running downwards in the pump and the dirty water of your cooler will be cleaned.

If there is still water left at the bottom of your cooler, then you have to take a dry cloth and with the help of the cloth clean the remaining dirty water at the bottom. This is a tried and tested process by which you can clean the cooler very quickly.

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Atul Kumar Gupta
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