Consumers are angry due to the frequent power cuts in Begusarai during the scorching heat.


Bakhri / Begusarai : Electricity supply remained disrupted in the Bakhri subdivision area from 11 am to 4 pm on Wednesday. After taking the full bill, there is a severe cut in the electricity supply. Even after paying the costly electricity bill, people are not getting the facilities. Due to which people's anger is justified. The system is same from cities to villages. For the past few days, the game of hide and seek with electricity is continuing in the Bakhri subdivision. Time and again citing technical problems, the officials are switching off the power. The business class is facing the maximum brunt.

Especially the traders of seasonal markets are worried. The ice cream and cold drinks kept in stock are getting spoiled. Due to lack of prior information, the traders are not able to make alternative arrangements. Due to this, the problem persists. Every summer the distribution system falls down. The officials are well aware of this. Even then, shutdowns are taken for maintenance in the middle of summer.

There is anger among the people that this should have been done in March. Wherever there are faults, maintenance has been done several times. Even after that the situation is not being rectified. It is being told that in the coming days more shutdowns can be taken in many areas of the city. As soon as the power comes back, somehow the work is speeded up again but suddenly the power goes off again.

Frequent power cuts are beyond comprehension. Power cuts occur at any time, be it day or night. Power cuts several times in a day have become a common occurrence. Due to this game of hide and seek with power, small children have to face a lot of problems. There is no time table for when the power will come and when it will go off.

The frequent power cuts have made life miserable for people. Despite this, no attention is being paid by the electricity department. This situation continues in the villages. Due to online work and lack of electricity, many household works like pumping water from the motor to charging mobile phones are getting affected. Here, JE Ravi Kumar said that the power supply is disrupted due to a fault in the power house.

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