Collapse of bridges and culverts has become a tradition in Bihar: Tejashwi Yadav


Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav attacked the Bihar government over the collapsed culvert in Motihari, Bihar. During this, he also targeted the government over rising inflation. Tejashwi Yadav said that 13 bridges collapsed in Bihar in 19 days, and another bridge collapsed in Motihari on Sunday. We had said earlier also that this is a serious issue. Bridges are continuously collapsing in Bihar and the government and administration are silent. It seems that this is a minor thing, this is becoming a tradition.

I have always raised this issue. He said that bridge collapse, corruption, paper leak, crime, rape, murder and robbery are happening every day. No one in power talks about this. What is this double engine government for? Is nothing being done for Bihar? Is nothing being discussed? Whatever is there in Bihar is falling prey to corruption. Bridges are collapsing, papers are being leaked, corruption, inflation, unemployment are increasing.

While cornering the government on inflation, Tejashwi said that we want to ask you people, name one vegetable which is less than 45 rupees per kg? What is the price of onion, tomato? What is the price of cauliflower? Tell us the price of potato? Potato is available in Patna at 45 rupees per kg. The government is not going to pay attention to this. Vegetables which were available for four to five rupees per kg are now available for 100 rupees per kg. But, no one is ready to speak on this, people are keeping quiet. Abusing us day and night is not going to make any difference. He said that the government protects the kingpin people. Tejashwi's name is taken, their job is only to divert the news. There is no talk of special state status for Bihar.

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