Can you travel by train without a ticket Follow these rules or you’ll be in trouble.

Can you travel by train without a ticket Follow these rules or you'll be in trouble.

Railways: Lakhs of passengers travel by train in the country every day and people find long-distance travel beneficial and better. But the biggest problem is the tickets. People who are already thinking about going somewhere.

Book them in advance. But many times a plan is made to go somewhere suddenly then it becomes difficult to book tickets and get confirmed tickets. Here’s how you can get tickets:

If you travel in a train without a ticket and you get caught then you can be charged the fare till there. You can also be fined for it. Here we are telling you how to avoid paying a fine for boarding a train without a ticket in an emergency.

Travelling without ticket violates railway rules

If you travel in a train without a ticket it is considered a punishable offence and in such a case you are fined and you can also be jailed. If you do not have a reservation you have to pay the prescribed fare from where you have boarded the train to where you want to go along with a fine of Rs 250.

Know these rules before you travel

If you have to travel in an emergency and do not have a reservation ticket you can also travel on a platform ticket. After taking the platform ticket you have to meet the TTE and as far as you have to travel the ticket is given to you by the TTE. After this you will be given an empty seat in the train. After that you can easily board the train.

Book your train tickets online.

Apart from this you can also book tickets online after boarding the train. The unreserved train booking facility is available on the UTS app of the Railways. This app is available on both Android and iOS. Through this you can also book platform tickets in addition to unreserved tickets.

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