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The EVM machine: At one time, ballot boxes were used when voting took place and in such a situation, they were often attacked and stolen. All these attacks were carried out by anti-social elements working for political parties. But after this, all these attacks stopped with the arrival of EVM machines.

But now questions are being raised whether the EVM machine can also be hacked. Parties that lost elections in India claim that EVM machines were tampered with. Recently, elections were held in 5 states. In Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh claimed that the EVM was hacked.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh tweeted, “Any machine with a chip can be hacked. I have opposed EVM voting since 2003. Can we allow our Indian democracy to be controlled by professional hackers! This is a question that all political parties must answer. Hon’ble ECI and Hon’ble Supreme Court Will you please protect our Indian democracy”

What the truth

EVM is used for voting not only in India but also in many other countries of the world. Can EVMs be hacked Are they true or not Let us know how the EVM works and in which countries voting is done through it Can EVMs ever be hacked

What is the truth behind the claims

For many years, the losing parties have been claiming to hack the EVM. Is it possible to hack the EVM machine with the help of a chip But in 2017, the Election Commission had issued an open challenge to all political parties to hack the EVMs.The Election Commission had said that any political party can come to the Election Commission office and try to hack the EVM.

How to vote using EVM

The EVM machine has a variety of buttons and the names and symbols of the parties are written. Apart from this, the name of the candidate is also written. If the voter presses one button for voting and then presses another button, then the first button is valid. There is another machine near the voting machine in which the name of the party you have voted for appears.

Counting fast

It takes at least 40 hours to count the votes from the ballot paper. But with the EVM machine, the counting of votes is completed in a few hours.

In these countries, voting is also done through EVM.

Besides India, EVMs are used in Brazil, Philippines, Bhutan, Nepal, Namibia, Norway, Canada, Venezuela, Romania and Australia.

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