Buffalo Breed: This special breed of buffalo gives 7-8 children.


Buffalo Breed: In today's time, the demand for milk is increasing, the demand for milk products has also reached its peak in rural areas, not only this, people everywhere are showing interest in animal husbandry. Many people want to sell buffalo milk in the market and earn huge income, let us tell you that in such a situation people want such a type of buffalo which will give them maximum benefits, so today we are going to tell you about one such buffalo. Are going to tell about.

The name of this buffalo is Kalahandi buffalo, which gives birth to children 7-8 times in its entire life. We are going to tell you the special things about this type of buffalo breed, let us tell you that this buffalo is found in Andhra Pradesh and this buffalo is also seen in some districts of Orissa adjacent to Andhra Pradesh. The color of this buffalo is black or brown. Mostly this buffalo has a flat forehead. Many times we also see a white necklace like mark around the neck of this buffalo. Not only this, this buffalo horn is also used in making household items.

This buffalo gives birth to a child within the first 4 years of its life and gives birth to about 7-8 children, not only this, if you want to rear this buffalo then keep in mind that you get it to have a child at an interval of 18 months. Also its daily milk yield is three to five litres, many people think that if they give better food to buffalo then it will give more milk but it is not so. It has been seen in many cases that buffaloes face a lot of problems.

Let us tell you that buffalo should be given food only as per requirement and also it should be given such food that it maintains energy and also contains things like calcium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins etc. Buffaloes should never be kept in the open, most of the time they should be kept in shed so that they can be protected from the harsh sun, hot or cold weather. There should be good air and water facility should also be available in that arranged marriage.

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