Bihar Police is monitoring social media 24 hours, now if you show 'dominance' you will be arrested…


Bihar Police Special Team Monitoring Social Media: In recent times, Bihar Police has made a big change in its working style. Bihar Police is now not limited to just the police station level, but is also available on various social media platforms and prompt action is being taken on the complaints received here. People suspected to have criminal mindset are being monitored through these social media platforms. At the same time, appropriate action is being taken through the social media center of Bihar Police against those people who are trying to disturb social harmony or spread religious fanaticism by creating fake accounts. With this initiative, Bihar Police can proudly say that the social media center is playing the role of 'first responder' to curb crime. The result of this is that these efforts are being appreciated by the common people.

Talking about a recent incident, on May 5, 2024, a complaint related to waving a pistol in the orchestra by a youth from Mairwa in Siwan district was received on the social media platform of Bihar Police, after which the Social Media Center of Bihar Police informed the concerned district Instructed the police to investigate the matter and take appropriate action. As a result, the young man who displayed the illegal weapon was arrested the very next day. Various such cases come to the Social Media Center of Bihar Police almost every day, on which the team of Social Media Center of Bihar Police ensures immediate action. These days, the team of Social Media Center of Bihar Police is working round the clock on alert mode regarding the Lok Sabha elections 2024, so that the elections can be conducted in a peaceful and fair manner in the state.

Recently, a video of a youth named Prashant Yadav from Sitamarhi doing stunts was going viral on social media. The team of Social Media Center of Bihar Police tracked him down and sent him to the concerned police station, after which Sitamarhi Police traced the boy and went to his house and confiscated his Bullet bike. Complaints were being received about him that he not only creates ruckus but also instigates others to do so. At the same time, the reels of a boy showing a weapon from Gopalganj had gone viral, on which the Bihar Police team working in the social media center tracked it and sent it to the concerned police station. Within a few hours he was arrested with a country-made pistol.

In the last 2 months, the team working at the Social Media Center of Bihar Police has identified more than 300 suspicious social media accounts on various platforms and sent them to the EOU. After this, EOU took action on dozens of accounts, FIR was registered on some of them and more than three dozen accounts were also closed. Complaints are mainly received on social media centers about stunting on bikes, displaying weapons or trying to disturb social harmony etc.

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