Big Traffic Challan starts: Heavy challan of Rs 10,000 started being issued again


Traffic Challan: Pollution is increasing in India due to vehicles running day and night. Now in view of this pollution, the government has taken concrete steps, let us tell you that at present the Transport Department in Delhi has prepared a new traffic plan to get rid of pollution. Now if you have not got the pollution certificate of your vehicle, then you may face a lot of trouble. Vehicles are running on a large scale in the country, and when more vehicles are running, generally more pollution will be seen.

For not having this pollution certificate, you will be charged a direct fine of ₹ 10,000, this challan will be sent to you online. In such a situation, for your information, let us tell you that if you live in Delhi, then you must get the pollution test of your vehicle done. If you do not do this then you may have to face a lot of trouble, please note that at present cameras have been installed at petrol pumps. These petrol pump cameras will now keep an eye on the vehicle of every person coming and going and will find out from its number whether the vehicle has been tested for pollution or not?

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