Big Heatwave coming: Nautapa will wreak havoc in the coming days


Big Heatwave coming The heat is continuing and Nautapa is also about to start. It is very important to avoid this disease-filled heat. People are very troubled due to going out in the heat. Due to the trouble, people are not able to work properly and are facing many problems. Actually, a cooler works on a rule, hot air goes inside the cooler. And when the motor runs, that water becomes cold. In Nautapa, the temperature remains above 45 degrees.

Now talking about this, let us tell you that keeping yourself hydrated and wearing cotton clothes, staying indoors. Along with consuming cold things, it is also important to keep drinking adequate amount of water. Along with these precautions, we can handle difficult times in a better way. Now let us tell you that in this the temperature goes much above normal. This condition can continue for several days or weeks and due to this people may face serious health problems. What are the symptoms of heat wave: Extreme heat and humidity, lack of water in the body (dehydration), dizziness and fatigue, headache and nausea, excessive sweating, and redness of the skin, heat stroke or heat exhaustion in severe cases.

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