Bhagat Singh's ideas will have to be adopted to build an egalitarian society: Ravindra Singh


Naokothi / Begusarai : A meeting of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch Patron Board was held in Dhuna Singh Inter College located at Pahsara under the block area. It was presided over by people's poet Dinanath Sumitr. It was conducted by youth leader Sunny Kumar. During the meeting, member of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Patron Board Ravindra Singh said that today public concern is coming to an end.

Corruption is at its peak and capitalism is dominant. A mass movement will have to be launched by assimilating the thoughts of Shaheed Bhagat Singh afresh and awakening the people's concerns. Ravindra Singh said that for awakening the cultural consciousness in people through Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, the thoughts of Shaheed Bhagat Singh will have to reach every home. For public concerns, the fight for social change will have to be fought with people's sentiments. Lalan Lalitya said that today there has been a decline in the thoughts of the people.

Bhagat Singh, along with independence, dreamt of building a classless, egalitarian and discrimination-free society in India. There is a need to spread these ideas in the society. People's poet Dinanath Sumitra explained the meaning of socialism, capitalism and communalism and suggested people to be aware of Bhagat Singh's ideas.

In the meeting, Ravindra Singh, Praveen Priyadarshi, Dinanath Sumitr, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Mukti Narayan Singh, convener Shabab Alam, co-convener Roshan Kumar were made in the patron board of the forum; Dhaneshwar Yadav, Mohd Shabab, Sumit Kumar, Mohd Akhlaq, Nadeem Alam Bunty, Sonu Kumar, Anubhav Kumar, Amar Kumar, Sunny Kumar, Roshan Kumar were made in the eleven-member committee. More than a dozen persons including Zilla Parishad representative Rajendra Sharma, Ramashrya Singh, Arun Kumar Singh, Abhishek Kumar expressed their views in the meeting.

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