At what temperature should the AC be used at night to avoid catching cold?


Desk: It is very hot these days, people are very troubled due to this heat. Many times it has been seen that due to this scorching heat, people become ill and have to lose their lives. People have installed it like this to avoid heat, now when they wake up, they know at what temperature they have to run it, but when they sleep at night, they do not know at what temperature they have to run it. ?

Therefore, today we are going to tell you at what temperature you should run it while sleeping at night. According to the manufacturers of AC, it should run at 24 degrees Celsius. In such a situation, both body temperature and temperature remain regular and no one faces any problem, but if you keep the fan running along with 24 degrees Celsius, it will be fine. Because the air from the fan spreads easily throughout the room. If you keep driving like this for too long, it can be harmful for your health. For this reason you should run the AC for a short time and then switch it off.

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