At what distance should the house be from NH? Know this rule otherwise your house will break anytime…..

At what distance should the house be from NH? Know this rule otherwise your house will break anytime…..

In today’s time, people have to spend lakhs and crores of rupees to build a house. Now after spending so much, when due to some reason the house gets damaged, people suffer a lot. Because people build their dream house with the capital they save from their life earnings. But if for some reason that house is declared illegal, then people suffer a lot. In such a situation, you should get the house constructed only after taking all legal action.

Actually, people often think that their house should be near the road, this is the reason why the land near the highway is very expensive. But you should also know that if you are constructing a building near the highway, the highway construction authority can demolish it at any time. Let us know why this is so.

How far should the house be built from the highway?

According to the Land Control Rules 1964, construction is not allowed in any open or agricultural area before a distance of 75 feet from the center line of any road on the national or provincial highway. Whereas in urban areas this distance has been reduced to 60 feet. Apart from this, the distance between the central line of the highway should be about 40 meters.

But why so ?

At the same time, permission is given to build a house away from the road because the people living in the house may have to face lung disease or other diseases caused by severe air pollution. Other than this
Noise pollution also has a bad effect on people’s health.

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