As soon as the wife got a job in the police, she forgot her husband and refused to live with him after 11 years of marriage.


Bakhri / Begusarai : This story of beautiful dreams of life after seven vows and the rift in the relationship after the dreams came true, is going viral. In which the wife has refused to live with the husband after he got recruited in the Bihar Police. The husband alleges that he even did ordinary jobs for his wife when she expressed her desire to study. One day the wife also got a job. After getting the job, the wife went for training. Meanwhile, the distance kept increasing and finally now the wife has refused to accept the husband.

The above viral story is said to be from Darha village of Bakhri. Vijay Kumar, a resident of the village, was married to the daughter of Ram Vinay Rai, a resident of Sahebpur Kamal police station of Begusarai, on 15 June 2013. After marriage, the wife expressed her desire to study. On which husband Vijay alleges that to fulfill his wife's wish, he even worked for a nominal salary. Time passed and the wife's wish was also fulfilled. He got a job as a constable in Bihar Police. After reinstatement in October 2022, the wife went for training. During the training itself, the distance between the two increased. Due to which the conversations between the two started decreasing.

There came a time when after 11 years of marriage, the wife said that she did not want to live with him. Husband Vijay says that he was heartbroken after hearing this. He tried his best to convince his wife, but she was not ready to listen. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the wife, along with her brother and father, reached Vijay's village and started demanding a divorce from Vijay. The villagers tried to stop Vijay's wife. During this, a high-voltage drama continued for hours, after which the family members of the boy and the girl reached the police station in connection with the matter.

To resolve the matter, in the presence of the police station in-charge, many dignitaries including local deputy chief representative Balram Singh Kushwaha, former chief Surendra Rai, former deputy chief of Chakhamid Sanjit Kumar Mahato, gathered information about the matter from both the parties. After that everyone advised both the husband and wife to live together. But the wife was adamant on one thing that we will not live with her. In the end, when the matter could not be resolved, the matter was settled with the intervention of the police, but the police suggested both the parties to settle the matter in the court. At the same time, the wife has refused to say anything in the media. The woman is currently posted in the district police force of Gaya. Here, as soon as the information about the case went viral, it has once again become a topic of discussion among the people as they remember the story of Jyoti Maurya.

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