After all, what is the blasphemy law? In which Hindus also get punished? Know in detail…

After all, what is the blasphemy law? In which Hindus also get punished? Know in detail…

Desk: Many news are coming out regarding these two blasphemy laws. You must have read about it on social media, many news channels and newspapers. In fact, recently in neighboring country Pakistan, some local people were demanding punishment for a woman under the blasphemy law. After this this law became a topic of discussion all over the world. But do you know well about this law? If not then today we will discuss it in detail.

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what does blasphemy mean

Blasphemy means making fun of any religion or belief. Insulting any religious symbols, signs, sacred objects, lack of respect for God or anything considered sacred or invisible is called blasphemy. Many countries have different laws regarding blasphemy. In many countries there is even a provision for death penalty for this.

What is the blasphemy law?

In 2015, research institute Pew Research had released a report. According to which, 26 percent of the countries in the world have laws related to insulting religion, under which there is a provision for punishment. 70 percent of these countries are Muslim majority countries. Let us tell you that in these countries there is a provision of fine and jail sentence under the charge of blasphemy. But in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan there is a provision of death penalty for the crime of blasphemy.

What kind of punishment for Hindus?

Let us tell you that there is no law related to blasphemy in India. Although the demand for making a blasphemy law has been raised many times in India, till now no such law has been implemented. But if a Hindu or a person of any religion commits such an incident in any other country where blasphemy law is in force, then that person will be punished according to that country.

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