Advice of saints on BJP's defeat in Ayodhya, 'There is a need for introspection and contemplation'


After 500 years, the wait of Ram devotees ended on 22 January 2024. Lord Ramlala was seated in the grand temple after Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya. PM Narendra Modi had done the Pran Pratishtha of Ramlala. In such a situation, the BJP was completely confident that the party would get a big victory in the Lok Sabha elections from here. But, in the results, the BJP had to face defeat at the hands of the Samajwadi Party. Everyone is surprised why the Bharatiya Janata Party lost the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat of Ramnagari Ayodhya. After the BJP lost the election, users on social media are cursing the people of Ayodhya. Not only this, users are blaming the voters of Faizabad parliamentary constituency for this defeat. Now anger is being seen among the people including the saints of Ayodhya.

Sant Samaj says that BJP candidate Lallu Singh has won from Ayodhya assembly. But, there are four other assembly constituencies in Faizabad Lok Sabha from where he lost. In such a situation, senior BJP leaders need to introspect and think. Jagatguru Ram Dineshcharya said that BJP's loss from Ayodhya is very sad, we all know that a grand Ram temple was built here, an airport was built and new dimensions of development were created. But, something must have been lacking. Due to which BJP lost from Ayodhya. I think the party needs to think about this. He further said that the reason why people are criticizing the people of Ayodhya. BJP has got four and a half lakh votes. He (BJP candidate) has already won from Ayodhya assembly.

But, it is necessary to introspect and think about why he lost from the other assembly of Faizabad. Mahant Avdhesh Das of Bada Bhaktmal temple in Ayodhya says that this is very unfortunate. The people of Ayodhya have made every effort. Still, there has been some shortcoming somewhere. Due to which the people of Ayodhya have to listen to many types of taunts. People are venting their anger on social media, Facebook and YouTube. Naturally, Ram temple has been built in Ayodhya. But, political parties should think about where the shortcoming was. All the saints and sages have voted in favor of BJP regarding Ram temple. There is no doubt about this. But, the local people, whose house was demolished, someone's shop was demolished. If people have not voted on these issues, it is unfortunate for them because after the widening of Ayodhya, the development here is visible on the ground.

Mahant Awadhesh Das said that it is sad to hear this, today a very wrong message of Ayodhya has gone. The people of Ayodhya should have voted in favour of Ram Mandir and Hindutva. But, caste issues prevailed over Hindutva and those people took advantage of it. Lallu Singh was a good candidate. He used to come here. But, the candidate now, Awadhesh Prasad, will not even look towards Ayodhya and neither does he have anything to do with Ayodhya. Whatever votes have been cast for him in the election, they have been wrong. Mahant Awadhesh Das believes that the VVIP culture has hurt the people of Ayodhya. After the consecration of Ram Mandir, VIPs were coming every day. Due to their arrival, the roads were closed. The public was troubled. The government administration was also talked to about this. But, no solution was found.

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