A 35-year-old man died in a road accident, his family was devastated…


Bakhri / Begusarai : A bike rider has met with a terrible accident at the turn of Rampur Chowk on Bakhri-Manjhoul road. The incident is said to have happened late Friday night. Due to which the condition of the bike rider was critical and he was brought to Bakhri PHC for treatment. From where he was referred to Begusarai for better treatment.

But he died on the way to Patna for treatment. He has been identified as Hiralal Sharma, 35-year-old son of Lal Sharma, resident of Rani Shakarpura of Gangaur police station area of ​​Khagaria. It is said that the bike rider going at a high speed from Rampur Chowk towards Bakhri collided violently with the tractor's tyre at Rampur turn. Due to which the bike rider got badly injured.

The local people informed the Bakhri police station about the incident. The Bakhri police station immediately took the injured person to the Bakhri hospital for treatment. Where the doctor referred him to Begusarai after his condition was found to be serious. Meanwhile, his condition worsened. Due to which he was being taken to Patna for treatment. He died on the way. According to eyewitnesses, the accident-hit bike rider had suffered excessive bleeding. Some people told that the accident-hit bike rider used to work as a guard in the Utkarsh Bank of a micro finance company located in Bakhri.

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