9 day Sahas Chandi Mahayagya and Ram Katha concluded in Mata Jaimangala temple complex


Manjaul. The nine-day Sahas Chandi Mahayagya and Ram Katha organized in the premises of Mata Jaimangala Temple, one of the 52 Shaktipeeths, concluded with rituals on Wednesday. Various dignitaries and public representatives from the area attended the closing ceremony. According to the information, in the said Ramkatha Mahayagya, which started with Kalash Shobha Yatra from last 14th May, the organizer Anant Shri Sachchidanand Sharan Ji Maharaj, through the Mahayagya and Ramkatha for nine continuous days, gave the audience the darshan of the various paths of attaining God through his melodious recitation and listening to the story. Got it done. And during the Yagya, a large crowd of devotees were seen in the programs like daily worship, Agni Manthan, Havan, Ram Katha, Divya Rasleela, Kirtan, Ramdhuni (Navah) and Ramayana recitation by the artists from Vrindavan for 9 consecutive days.

The devotees were seen meditating on God after listening to the story. Anant Shri Maharaj said that the yagya is performed for the welfare of the people. Our resolution is to perform this Mahayagya in all the 52 Shaktipeeths one by one. In which the first yagya has been organized in the courtyard of Mata Jayamangala, who is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths. I dedicate this first yagya at the feet of Mata Jayamangala. Anant Shri Maharaj said that with this yagya, all the residents of the area will get happiness, peace, prosperity and goodwill. There will be public welfare of the entire area. The local people also made a commendable contribution in the successful organization of the Mahayagya. And people cooperated enthusiastically at every level. Especially the enlightened villagers Vivekanand Singh, Ramchandra Singh (Mahanth Ji), Umakant Singh, Umesh Prasad Singh, Digvijay Singh, Naresh Prasad Singh, Gaurav Kumar, Aman Kumar, Angad Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Niranjan Singh, Karu Singh and others were seen ready.

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