5 people died and 3 were injured in a road accident in Begusarai, the dead have been identified


More than half a dozen people became victims of a road accident in Begusarai on Tuesday. 5 people died and 3 people were seriously injured in the accident. Let us tell you that all the people had left for Begusarai by auto from Hathidah Junction. A car and an auto collided near Behat Ratan Chowk on NH-31 four lane.

There were 11 people in the auto. 1 minute before the accident, the car tried to overtake the auto, but it could not. After this, the car tried to overtake again, during this the body of the car collided with the auto and due to high speed the auto overturned. Eyewitness Chandan Kumar Jha said that both the vehicles were coming from the same side. This accident happened while overtaking. Some distance before the accident, the car tried to overtake the auto, but it could not. After this, in anger, he tried to overtake the car. Due to which the car collided with the auto. Bablu Sharma, who was sitting in the auto, said that a white car hit the auto. We were sitting on the front seat. We came from Delhi by train. All the passengers were from different places. We came by Vikram Sheela train. There were 11 people in the auto. We did not recognize any of them. The train arrived at the station around 4 o'clock. 35-year-old Sintu Kumar was a resident of Bijulia village of Shamho police station area. He used to work as a driver in Delhi. His brother-in-law's daughter's wedding was tomorrow, he was coming to attend it.

The second deceased has been identified as Vicky Pathak, son of Sunil Pathak, a resident of Puari Gonama village in Nalanda. Vicky worked in the cancer department at Delhi AIIMS. His brother-in-law's wedding was yesterday. He was coming to his in-laws' house in Matihani to attend the wedding.

The third deceased has been identified as Amandeep Kumar, a resident of Chhoti Mauji in Bakhri police station area. He was returning from Patna with his maternal uncle Nitish Kumar, a resident of Kunwartol in Garhpura police station area. Both died in the accident. The fifth deceased has been identified as Gautam Kumar Rajneesh, son of late Ramakant Das, a resident of Rajopur Benga village in Chhoudahi police station area. Gautam used to work as a tile worker in Odisha. He was coming to attend the wedding of his elder brother Chandan Kumar on July 11. Expressing grief over the incident, Begusarai MP and Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that very sad news of the accident in Behat of Begusarai has been received. 5 people have died in a collision between an auto and a car. Due to disorganized traffic and the tendency to seat more passengers than the capacity, some accident or the other keeps happening every day. The administration should take cognizance of this and take appropriate and permanent action.

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