26/11 Mumbai attacks When terrorists played Holi of blood in Mumbai, read the story of the black day


26/11 Mumbai attacks The whole of India can never forget 26 November 2008 and on 26 November 2023 the country is preparing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack. Birthdays are celebrated only in memory. But this attack can never be forgotten by any citizen of India and today whenever anyone thinks about it they get goosebumps.

If we further define it as the first biggest terror attack in the history of independent India it is not going to go wrong from anywhere. As many as 166 people including 18 security personnel were killed and over 300 injured in the attack.

The terrorists had targeted the countrys safest place and Mumbais Shaan Taj hotel for this attack and succeeded in this target and wired the people present there. Anyway this is the day. The day when 10 terrorists of Pakistan were caught in the hands of India and that evening was also passing by like that.

People were busy in themselves someone was going to the market someone from office to home everyone was busy in their lives. At the same time some people were sitting on Marine Drive and enjoying the cool cool breeze on the beach. No one knew that his death was still some distance away. As darkness descended on the streets of Mumbai the spate of deaths began.

Reached Mumbai by sea.

In fact 10 terrorists from Pakistans Karachi had left for Mumbai by sea on a boat. By sea they entered Mumbai and dodged the Indian Navy Now you can imagine how dangerous these terrorists were. They kidnapped the Indian Navy from the sea and killed the people in the boat who were going near Colaba for fishing.

Kasab hanged to death

After these terrorists reached Mumbai a group of terrorists in groups of 4-4 got into a taxi and headed towards their destination a group of terrorists reached the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal Station at 9:30 pm who started shooting tobacco with AK-47 rifles in their hands The firing continued for hours but there was no success for the police.

NSG commandos arrested

Terrorists continued to attack Mumbai but that night they attacked many special places in Mumbai including the world-class Hotel Taj. When they targeted him the hotel was completely destroyed After a three-day-long encounter between the security forces and the terrorists the polices operation also failed after which the help of NSG commandos was taken and the NSG commandos shot all the terrorists and caught the leader of the gang Kasab and handed him over to the police.

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